Pool Lighting – because you should look fabulous even when swimming!

If you have ever been a guest at a large resort or hotel, you will remember the moment you first saw the pool or pools after sunset. The vision is breathtaking. The landscaping, walkways, waterfalls, swaying trees, echoes of running water, playful shadows, and lighting is mesmerizing. We all know the draw of this enchanted environment. As we stroll through, the ambiance and atmosphere are engaging. Resorts and hotels inspire homeowners to entertain the most exotic of ideas for their swimming pool home.

A pool without landscaping looks incomplete and unfinished. The anticipated pleasure of a well-appointed pool is hard to match. The perfect balance of lighting, landscape, structures and seating will transform a swimming pool into a swimming experience.

One of the most favorite ways to add to the environment, pleasure, and expectation of enjoying a pool is lighting. The core reason we enjoy and are drawn to nighttime, outdoor lighting could be debated. However, we all acknowledge that night light promises warmth, community, and celebration. Warm light decreases the sense of loneliness, and will even contribute to the feeling of safety and security. Light draws people and community together. And community leads to comfort, fun, and pleasure.

Today, the options for outdoor lighting are extensive. Lights can be embedded in the walls and floor of the pool. They can be installed around the interior at ground level. Lights added to steps, waterfalls, and fountains result in water being fully illuminated by white or colored lights. Romantic candle lighting, tiki torches, and fire pits add much-appreciated enjoyment. Who doesn’t think of smores when you see a fire pit?

Whimsical lights include options like starry images from fiber optics and the reflective warmth of LEDs. There are many varieties of floating, glowing, globe lights. Floats like noodles include lighting. Other options are solar and permanent lights that shine onto the surface of the pool. Lights can twinkle, pulse, change color, grow and decrease in intensity and much more. They may be controlled by remotes, timers or traditional switches. The limits of your personal light show are defined only by your budget and interest.

Lighting featured on or near seating areas, hot tubs, trees, and outside kitchens add new, emotional intrigue and allure to the entire setting.

It is not uncommon for designs to include rope or border lighting to light the way on pathways and steps – providing safety and confidence when guests walk. Design can be advanced enough to define the boundaries of the landscaped area intended for evening entertaining. Edges of a well-lit area invite guests to remain within the lighted areas for whatever reasons the host may decide.

Lights are something that we, as human beings, choose to live with and enjoy. Light mixed with water and nature is one of the most intriguing and lovely combinations that we can experience. Exotic pools and landscape are inspired by old time swimming holes, tropical islands, movie sets, and lazy rivers. While those whose budgets are larger than most, will have all the bells and whistles; a beautiful, inviting, romantic poolside is easily attainable on the most limited of resources. Google and Pinterest are perfect places to begin creating your wish list and bumping your list up against your budget. Plans can be completed on your own, or with a landscaper experienced in poolside development.

And for those of you who have not yet experienced the pleasure, fun, and thrill of a private pool in your home; be assured that I am available to show you pool homes that just may fit within your budget. Many of my clients are surprised to see that a pool home is not just for someone else, but also for them. Additionally, I have access to some of the most exclusive pool homes in Pasadena California. The landscaping and environment in these select properties may surpass the most exclusive spas and resorts. Consider how exotic and luxurious your life will feel with poolside access in your backyard!

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