If a home is sitting on the market longer than the projected days on market it could mean you should look into how you have it priced, maintenance issues or unprofessional photography.

From a professional Realtors point of view, here are 5 reasons why your house may sit on the market.

1. Pricing: placing a price on a home is no different than any other kind of product. The buyer needs to see where the value is and feel they’re getting their monies worth. Choose your price carefully, and compare what your home offers against others that are currently on the market in your area. Those homes that are currently listed on the market for sale are your competition and what the buyers are comparing your home to. Keep in mind that your best bet might be to price it in the majority of prices and not at the top end.

img_26462. First Impression: Is your home wearing it’s Sunday best? You only get one chance to make a first impression, as I’m sure you’ve heard, so is your home dressed to impress? Make sure to declutter, put away any unnecessary items neatly (buyers will open the closets) and create visually appealing rooms. Minor staging could make a huge difference! Consider consulting a stager to find out how they can enhance your home to sell fast for more money. (for great staging tips check out

3. Professional Photography: This has to be the cherry on top! It’s so important to market your home with professional photography. Ask anyone today where they are looking when they are searching for a home and chances are they’ll say “online”. If the photos look fantastic, they will be lined up to get in on open house day. If you need more validation consider how major companies showcase their products to consumers. In order words, they don’t hire their nephew and his iPhone who needs a part time job between college semesters. They know that great advertising & marketing will create the type of buzz they need to sell, sell, sell. So, don’t cheap out on the photos, it’s the first thing buyers see online.

4. Maintenance issues: While sometimes these small projects can seem minor and evoke the attitude of “it’s no big deal”, but the buyer is counting up all those little projects that will cost them more money and that could mean a lower priced offer for you. Make sure small projects like unfinished molding or minor painting is complete before you open home to buyers.

5. Timing: Keep a close eye on your local market. Your neighbors house could help or hurt your sale if they beat you to the market or sell for an unfavorable price. It’s best to budget 3 to 4 weeks to get your home in shape and ready to show. Make sure you discuss advertising and marketing strategies with your Realtor before hiring them. If their marketing “pitch” is lack luster, you may want to interview another professional until you find one that wows you.

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