5 Tips to Help You Make a Smooth Move!

5 Tips to Help You Make a Smooth Move!

These five tips should aid you in having a smooth move.  And no, I’m not talking about the herbal tea! Being prepared for moving your life from one home to another will take you a long way.  Here are my top five tips to help you out.

1. Research Moving Companies! Make sure they have decent reviews by others that have used them. Ask about the their insurance coverage, and make sure they are licensed and bonded. They shouldn’t have a problem providing you a copy of their license, insurance policy declaration page with your contract agreement if you choose to hire them. If they put up a fuss, maybe you should look into another company.

2. Be Prepared! Pre plan and know where the moving truck will park upon arrival to your new location. If you live in a building or are moving to one, don’t forget about reserving or making special arrangements for the elevator with the building management or HOA. Many times, there will be a moving protocol that all residents in the building must follow. And finally, tell your moving company ahead of time about any bulky or awkward sized furniture that you may have. This will help keep the movers on an efficient time schedule because they will have brought the appropriate materials for those items.

3. Tell the Movers What is Valuable! While you would think this is a no brainer, you’d be surprised how your opinion of what is fragile differs from what the moving crew consider fragile to be. Be proactive, and avoid unnecessary damages by communicating up front with the movers to ensure your valuable items get handled with care.

4. Label Your Boxes! Another one where you’re probably thinking to yourself, duh! But again, think back to your last move. Are you still looking for the top to that sugar bowl, or those tiny folks used for seafood? I am. I’ve learned that it’s best to take the extra time to not only label the box for the room but also all the items that are inside. In addition, having the boxes labeled on the side of the box helps the movers deliver them to the correct area of the house. Placing the label on the table of the box helps you know what’s inside be for you open it up and rummage through it.

5. Stay Out of the Way! You hired professional movers, let them do their job. You will have enough to do with packing and unpacking so no need to break your back trying to help lift and move too!



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Buyers Beware! Are Incentives and Concessions Only a Sales Tactic to Get You Under Contract?

Buyers beware! Are builder incentives or seller concessions worth it?

It’s easy to get excited about incentives or concessions from the seller. Your first thought, “how much will that save me?”, but does your excitement over the savings feel like fools gold? Let’s explore and see if those deals are really worth it.

If you’re in the market for a brand new home, most likely the builder will offer you many different incentives to choose from so long as you use their lender and title companies. These incentives range from paying closing costs, paying the first years HOA fees, an appliance package or even a bonus room add on. But if you’re like me, you’re wondering, why are they just giving things away?

Builders will give incentives as a sales tactic to encourage you to make an offer on a home now. Typically you will find incentives given at various times throughout their build process. Most likely, you will see the best incentives given during the pre-sale round and again at the end of the sale cycle when there may only be a few homes left to sell out the community.


However, be smart. Don’t let your excitement get the better of you. Find out if they will increase the price of the home if you choose one of those incentive packages. Also, keep in mind that an extra bonus room add-on sounds wonderful but it will cost you more in property tax for the additional square footage.

If you’re house hunting for an existing home, make sure you discuss with your Realtor® if it is a buyer’s or seller’s market. This knowledge will give you the upper hand when figuring out if the seller’s concessions are a good deal or a red flag.

Typically a seller will give concessions if the home has a funky layout, if it’s located in an undesirable area, if there are known problems or if it is a buyers market and they want to woo you away from another home sale. If this is the case, you could wind up saving a good chunk of change by negotiating to have the seller pay your closing costs or Hoa fees. This will help reduce the amount of money that you need to bring to the closing table.

Remember that your lender will need to know how much the seller will contribute to your closing costs since they are only allowed to give so much according to your lenders rules.

When you work with professionals that are knowledgeable about the market they serve and the buying/selling process, you can be confident that you are in good hands and leave yourself free of worry.

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