How Important is Curb Appeal?

How Important is Curb Appeal?

How important is curb appeal?

 When you consider the phrase, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”, I would say it’s hugely important.

Curb appeal is your first impression as a home seller and you want it to be a good one. When a buyer pulls up in front of your house, the judging starts whether you like it or not, so don’t give them any reason to drive on.

Just as we judge other people (don’t be coy, you know you’ve done it) buyers are judging your house from the second they drive up. Instantly their mind subliminally runs through a laundry list of questions that could sound something like this.

  • Is the front of the house well groomed?
  • Is the lawn manicured?
  • Does this house look inviting or like it’s Halloween all year round?
  • Do I want to call this house home?

Here are five inexpensive tips to help you keep your house looking it’s best.

  1. Get a new front door, or freshly paint the one you have and put on new hardware.
  2. Manicure the lawn and flower beds, (where possible plant small flowers or succulents to create symmetry for the eye).
  3. Make sure all outdoor lighting works. (serious buyers will drive by at different times of day/night.)
  4. If your garage door is at the front of your house make sure it looks clean
  5. Clear spider webs from front door entry and front window areas.


Showcasing that you care enough about what visitors think about your home will prove to go along way. These small tips will help to maximize your homes curb appeal and make buyers feel welcome. Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the view!

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The answer is NO.

Day after day, I see a lot of home buyer’s work with many different agents because they seem to think it will be beneficial to them. In reality, it’s the exact opposite.

My experience tells me the reason a buyer will work with more than one realtor is because they aren’t getting the service or information they need from that particular person, and therefore they continue to seek for someone who understands their needs and is knowledgeable beyond showing a home.

If you find yourself in this quandary, here are 2 questions you can ask the next realtor you consider doing business with to determine if they are the right agent for you.

  1. What’s your buying strategy when working with clients? Or, what can I expect from you other than home showings?
  2. How will you help me determine what house is right for me?

If you are left with a blank stare, it’s time to move on. But don’t be discouraged. A great real estate agent is worth their weight in gold, and like seeking gold you’ll have to sift through a lot of dirt before you find that rare and valuable piece.

The answers to the above questions should be satisfying and give valuable insight you know comes from experience. Spend the time and get to know one another, and really determine if you are the right fit to work together. Keep in mind that this meeting will be the longest amount of time you will spend together through out your search process, so make it count. The more time you spend on this initial meeting the easier and more streamlined your search process will be.

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Happy hunting!